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Articles of Reference

(April 22, 2022) Why Many Traditionalists Feel “Stuck”

(April 21, 2022) United Methodist Bishops gather to chart future of denomination, welcome new leaders

(April 6, 2022) General Conference postponed to 2024

(April 6, 2022) Learning About the Global Methodist Church

(April 5, 2022) Thoughts about Denominational Divisions (What They Are Really About)

(March 29, 2022) Asbury splits from United Methodist Church, changes name amid denomination talks

(March 22, 2022) Hopes and Aspirations

(March 22, 2022) Loyalty to the Highest Degree

(March 20, 2022) UMC update by Rev. Jody Flowers of Chapin United Methodist Church

(March 8, 2022) A Day Older and Wiser:  Why I Resigned from the Commission on General Conference

(March 4, 2022) On the Further Postponement of General Conference

(February 10, 2022) Frazer UMC votes to disaffiliate from the United Methodist denomination

(June 6, 2021) Ten Reasons Why I’ll Join the Global Methodist Church

(April 26, 2021) Prominent Georgia church leaves United Methodist Church over pastor’s reassignment

(April 2021) Haupert-Johnson, Sue and Martin, Bill. “Love is Making Room: Reclaiming the Welcoming Table.” North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church

(February 1, 2021) Primary Reasons for Separation

(Jan 13, 2020) Are Traditionalists Leaving the United Methodist Church?

(November 28, 2019) Pastors of two large S.C. UMCs send letters to congregation in support of current UMC stance on sexuality

(June 28, 2019) 76 Percent of U.S. Annual Conferences Reject Traditional Plan

(May 28, 2019) UMC Next – A Reflection on the Present & Future

(March 19, 2019) 16 Ways Progressive Christians Interpret the Bible

(March 11, 2019) The Multifaceted Nature of Progressive Theology

(May 24, 2018) It’s time for Progressive Christianity.



All God’s Love:  Thoughts About Jesus, Life, and the Church
by Jay Therrell, former United Methodist pastor currently working to help launch the Global Methodist Church.

Global Methodist Church Website
Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly.

Subscribe to the Global Methodist Church Enewsletter

Global Methodist Church Facebook page

People Need Jesus:  Leaning Toward a Jesus-Focused Church

Progressive Methodists Facebook page

 South Carolina United Methodist Advocate

The Confessing Movement within The United Methodist Church
The Confessing Movement is a witness by United Methodist lay women and men, clergy, and congregations who with one voice pledge our confident allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ according to “the faith, which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).

The Institute on Religion & Democracy:  UM Action
( A newsletter for United Methodists working for Scripture-based reform in the denomination)

Founded in 1981, the IRD has been a voice for transparency, for renewal, and for Christian orthodoxy. In the words of theologian and IRD board member Thomas Oden, we “are not presuming to create new doctrine but hold firmly to apostolic teaching in ways especially pertinent to current circumstances. The theology is orthodox, reliable, stable, beautiful, familiar, and glorious. By it the church has been blessed by God for two thousand years.”

UMC Next

UMC Next – South Carolina Annual Conference

Wesleyan Covenant Association
The Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) connects Spirit-filled, orthodox churches, clergy, and laity who hold to Wesleyan theology. It is an association of individuals and congregations who share a common understanding of our Wesleyan doctrine and a desire to become a vibrant, faithful, growing 21st century church

South Carolina Chapter of the Wesleyan Covenant Association Facebook page

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Wesleyan Covenant Association podcast page:  Holy Conversations

What should United Methodist congregations know about disaffiliation?

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