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In Response to Recent Claims

-The Buncombe Street Child Development Center is an entity that is totally separate from the UM church.  The SCUMC and the UMC have no influence or control over the Buncombe Street CDC. The CDC will continue to operate as a separate entity regardless of the denominational affiliation of our church.

-Asbury Hills Camp receives approximately 50% of its income from non-UMC sources. There are many non-UMC churches that send their members to Asbury Hills Camp. Our access to Asbury Hills will not be impacted by our denominational affiliation.

-Buncombe Street plays in the Greenville Church League Basketball League (CBBYL) with churches in the downtown area. Belonging to the UMC is not a requirement to remain in the league. 

-We understand from the Way Forward Committee that the current estimated cost to leave the UMC with our property is 1.2 million dollars. An outlay of 1.2 million dollars to save $420,000 annually in apportionment costs going forward is a prudent financial decision.

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