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Updates from the Friends to Preserve Buncombe Street

Much has changed since the last UMC General Conference in 2016, when the Book of Discipline was last codified. Unfortunately, one of the changes is that parts of our Book of Discipline are not being enforced by the UMC. Openly gay clergy and openly gay bishops are being ordained in defiance of the Book of Discipline.  

Core theological beliefs as enumerated in the Book of Discipline are being refuted from the pulpit by UMC ordained ministers. What is the value of UMC laws that are not enforced across the board, but instead are being selectively enforced?  

As the UMC is changing theologically before our eyes, what traditions do we preserve (other than the “United” in the name of our denominational affiliation) by remaining in the United Methodist church?   

With regards to our denominational affiliations, Buncombe Street has been a member of the Methodist church since our inception in 1834. The denominational name has changed over time; the last in 1968 when we became members of the United Methodist church. (Click here and select #3 under Frequently Asked Questions for a complete timeline of our church.)   There are many important traditions that the Friends to Preserve Buncombe Street seek to preserve as we work through the changes that are occurring in the UMC.

Let’s address two of them:  

#1 Buncombe Street has a long tradition of teaching and preaching a traditional theology. The Bible has been the cornerstone of our beliefs since the inception of our church, and we want to continue this legacy. John Wesley and Methodism have long been at the core of our beliefs. We have belonged (until recently) to a denomination that believed as we do. This is the most important tradition that we seek to preserve.  

#2 The second tradition is our physical presence in downtown Greenville. Many members over the years have generously given so that we can employ the church facilities for worship and bring others into His Kingdom. Our church property is an important part of who we are and how we worship. We must do what is necessary to keep our property.  

As we prepare for the vote on October 30, we will continue to provide you links regarding the state of the UMC, along with updates from across our denomination.  

Should We Stay in the UMC?

If you have traditional values, but think you want to stay in the UMC, we highly recommend you watch this brief video from Rev. Rob Renfroe, UMC pastor of adult discipleship at The Woodlands United Methodist Church and President of Good News. In the video, Renfroe explains the ramifications of belonging to a church that remains in the quickly evolving UMC. Click here to view the video.

Feeling Confused?

Confused about why we are here? We encourage you to watch this video of Rev. Jeff Greenway speaking to his congregation at Reynoldsburg United Methodist Church. Reynolds is the Senior Pastor and and he does a terrific job of presenting the theological issues that are dividing our denomination, along with the history of how we arrived at this point of dividing. (There are also interesting insights into the decisions that the UMC is making as our denomination divides. ) Click here to view the video.

An Insider’s View

“The Day the United Methodist Church Died” is an insider’s view of the mindset and goals of the progressive movement in the UMC.

This brief commentary provides insight into the mindset of a group convened as delegates in a Jurisdictional Conference called by the Indiana UMC after the 2019 General Conference. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss “what the future of the UMC might look like”.

The author’s personal observation of the meeting provides interesting insight into the situation we now find ourselves in as a denomination. The approach and the goals of the progressive members of the group as observed by the author are insightful in regards the direction of the UMC. They are consistent with the direction that the UMC has taken since 2019.Click here to view the commentary.

Want More?

For those who would like to explore the possibilities that separation from the UMC could create, consider reading this book.

Dr. Jeff Greenway and recently retired UMC bishop Rev. Dr. Mike Lowry have teamed up to write the book, Multiplying Methodism: A Bold Witness of Wesleyan Faith at the Dawn of the Global Methodist Church. The book was published last week. For a limited time, the Kindle version is available for only 99 cents. Click here to access the book.

“The Lord is my light and salvation – whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalm 27:1

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