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We Are Not Alone

We wanted to offer an update of what is going on within the United Methodist Church in South Carolina. We also are providing links that will connect you to groups of traditional Christians that are fighting the same battle that we are. We are not alone! 

South Carolina Traditional United Methodist Lay Leadership Group

The South Carolina Traditional United Methodist Lay Leadership Group was formed by laity from approximately 23 (and growing) United Methodist churches in our state. The goal of the group is to provide local congregations information and resources as they learn about the changes occurring in United Methodist Church. Many church members are becoming aware that our denomination is dividing and are learning about the dangers of waiting for the results of the scheduled 2024 General Conference before considering disaffiliation.   The members of our group have traditional-leaning congregations, including Mt. Horeb UMC in Lexington, Chapin UMC in Chapin, and Covenant UMC in Greer.   Many of the members in this group are also members of the South Carolina Wesleyan Covenant Association.   Click here to visit the South Carolina Traditional United Methodist Lay Leadership Group website.  

Did You Know? South Carolina United Methodist Churches and Apportionment Costs.

There are 900 United Methodist Churches in South Carolina. Last year, the SCUMC annual conference budget was $16,093,170. Of the 900 SCUMC churches, 53 churches pay 46% of the entire SCUMC conference budget.
Four of those 53 churches pay a significant portion of the entire SCUMC conference budget. They are:
#1 Mt Horeb – $472,377
#2 Buncombe Street – $418,670
#6 Covenant – $242,187
#8 Chapin UMC – $228,354

Update on Disaffiliation in South Carolina

On July 18, Bishop Jonathan Holston met with Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church regarding their desire to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church. Here is what they were told:   The bishop has begun the process of creating a task force to approve a disaffiliation process pursuant to paragraph 2549 in the Book of Discipline The district superintendents in SC have been instructed to nominate/select/choose laity and clergy from their own district to be on the task forceThe bishop indicated that the timeline was to have the task force created before the end of August. Meetings and final proposal for disaffiliation process will be completed by October.The bishop said the structure of the disaffiliation process will follow paragraph 2553, but without the tight deadline and with the ability to negotiate something reasonable for the smaller churches.   District Superintendent Rev. Jim Dennis informed us that he had submitted the names of two lay persons and a minister to the bishop to represent our District on the task force. The task force will begin its work in late August or early September and plans to conclude by early November. We will keep you updated on the group’s progress.   For additional insights about the disaffiliation movement, we recommend exploring the Facebook groups that are linked below.    Click here to visit the South Carolina Wesleyan Covenant Association Facebook Page “This chapter is formed to serve the members of the South Carolina Annual Conference who feel called to uphold traditional views of Wesleyan Theology.”   There are 656 people following this group.   Click here to visit the Global Methodist Church Facebook Page   This group has 14,800 members and is an excellent way to become more informed about the many churches nationwide that are attempting to leave the United Methodist Church.  

Fighting for the Faith

Dear friends, I had been eagerly planning to write to you about the salvation we all share. But now I find that I must write about something else, urging you to defend the faith that God has entrusted once for all time to his holy people. Jude 3
We encourage you to watch the July 24th sermon at Mount Horeb UMC by lead pastor Rev. Jeff Kersey. Click this link.

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